Want to attend AUArts but don’t quite meet our academic or English requirements? artstream could be the choice 对于 you.


The artstream证书课程 is designed to provide a bridge to an art and design education 对于 applicants who do not meet 皇皇家国际app手机版国际app学业 和/或 英语水平要求 对于 第一年的本科学业,但谁表现出的艺术成就组合令人满意的水平。

该artstream程序是一个桥接程序,它提供所选 auarts第一年的研究 courses with academic and learner support services specific to an art and design education.  The artstream Program provides concurrent delivery of:

  • 具体的学术技能的中学后桥;
  • Specialized courses to complement the objectives of AUArts Liberal Studies courses; and
  • auarts工作室和人文学科类课程降低负荷。

学生们 successfully completing the artstream Program will receive a Certificate from Alberta University of the Arts, conferred at convocation, and will be eligible 对于 admission to 皇皇家国际app手机版国际app手机版’ 第一年的研究 英语能力要求



504 Gateway Time-out

Applicants who hold a General Educational Development (GED), hold a High School Certificate, or did not graduate from high school, require an academic assessment. 




  1. 提交您的申请表,并通过支付申请费 申请阿尔伯塔后辅助应用系统(APA的) 由7月1日(。
    • If you currently attend high school within Alberta, AUArts automatically receives both in-progress and official transcripts from applicants from Alberta schools through the application process at APAS.
  • 提交您的原创艺术品的投资组合与您一起 意向声明 through AUArts Slideroom. Please refer to the “Portfolio Guidelines” section for more in对于mation). Once you have submitted your online application and we have had an opportunity to process it, you will be emailed a link to Slideroom to submit your portfolio and statement of intent.


    Your portfolio is a big deal. It reflects you, what you're about, and makes people excited about what you love to do. The work should be a critical selection of recently produced original artworks that show us the full range of your most skillful and ambitious achievements.


    意向声明 Guidelines: Write 500 words about why you would be a great student at AUArts. (It’s up to you to define the criteria.)


    *Applicants are encouraged to submit PDFs of their process work; sketchbooks, notes etc.





    Please note – Artstream graduates don’t receive high school diplomas. Instead, artstream graduates are accepted into 第一年的研究 at AUArts and are given credit towards their Bachelor’s degrees 对于 all applicable courses taken.


    artstream will start in the Fall 2020/21 Academic Term. Application Deadline is July 1, 2020.